在Green Meadow工作

Join a wonderful group of enthusiastic colleagues who participate wholeheartedly in the life of our school!

十大棋牌赌钱软件提供有竞争力的薪水和福利, 慷慨的退休和健康保险缴款, 以及获得补贴住房的机会.


全球十大赌钱软件排行是一所独立的学前-12年级学校, 位于罗克兰县, 纽约的田园校园, 其中包括一个学校农场, 林地, 和草地. 今年是十大棋牌赌钱软件成立71周年, 十大棋牌赌钱软件致力于面对面的学习, providing our students with opportunities for outdoor education and to learn within an inclusive community that reflects the diversity of NY state.

Our school’s approach provides a setting in which students can develop into independent individuals in a holistic way. 十大棋牌赌钱软件提供有竞争力的薪水和福利, 慷慨的退休和健康保险缴款, 以及获得补贴住房的机会.

Applicants should have an interest in and previous understanding of Waldorf pedagogy and its background in anthroposophy (Waldorf certification is required for many positions). 十大棋牌赌钱软件正在寻找灵活的, 有热情幽默的同事, 谁会全心全意地参与学校的生活. Our school encourages professional development through mentoring by master teachers and support for attending conferences and courses.

Successful applicants will be joining a vibrant faculty and be able to partake of the benefits of an established anthroposophical community in suburban New York. Chestnut Ridge is about 20 miles from the cultural offerings and diversity of NYC and close to large state parks. Our school contains an enlivening mix of seasoned, maturing, and newer teachers. 全校在校生约220人. Green Meadow是由AWSNA和NYSAIS认证的.

Positions will be open for a minimum of two weeks from 发布 date or until filled.

In addition to being 发布 on this page, current openings are always 发布 at 华尔道夫酒店今天.


A completed application will include: GMWS教师职位申请 (见下文)、意向书、简历和三封推荐信. Please submit all applications to: Sophia Dunn-Fox, 署长助理, at sdunnfox@starecovery.com.

所有员工都需要通过背景调查, including fingerprinting and must possess the legal right to work in the United States.

Green Meadow Waldorf School is an affirmative action and equal opportunity employer. People of color and others underrepresented in our community are encouraged to apply.




Green Meadow is seeking a 中学 Math teacher to start as soon as possible. Strong candidates will possess an advanced degree in mathematics or a related field and will have 高中 or middle school teaching experience, 最好是在华德福学校. Our experienced Math/Science faculty would consider a novice teacher. 有能力参与STEM课程将是一个优势. 候选人应表现出培养健康的能力, 文化敏感, 与学生的合作关系, 父母, 和他的同事们.

全球十大赌钱软件排行位于罗克兰县, 纽约的田园校园,包括一个学校农场, 林地, 和草地. 十大棋牌赌钱软件致力于面对面的学习, providing our students with opportunities for outdoor education and learning within an inclusive community that reflects the diversity of NYS. Teachers have the opportunity to work collaboratively building new approaches to language learning. Candidates under-represented in our community are encouraged to apply by submitting a 重新开始 and letter of interest to Sophia Dunn-Fox, 署长助理, 在sdunnfox@starecovery.com. 这个职位的费率是每期25- 50美元,根据经验而定.


Green Meadow Waldorf School is Seeking a Class Teacher for 2024-2025

Green Meadow supports its teachers with everything they need to be successful, 包括创新和充满活力的教师队伍, 继续教育的财政支持, 协作的领导, 以及强有力的指导计划. Come join us if you are a Waldorf Teacher seeking a community of like-minded teachers, 支持我的父母, 现任董事会成员, 合作的学校领导.

十大棋牌赌钱软件正在寻找一位精力充沛的, 老师聪明又热心, committed to the ideals of Waldorf education who would like to join a vibrant Waldorf community. 十大棋牌赌钱软件恪守华德福的原则, 用心管理土地, and providing our students with opportunities for outdoor education and learning within an inclusive community that reflects the diversity of NYS.

Green Meadow Waldorf School has an outstanding faculty of class teachers, 专题, 高中, and early childhood teachers who foster a spirit of innovation and are committed to Waldorf pedagogy, 和人智学. Our circle of class teachers works together to provide a strong foundation for our lower school. 十大棋牌赌钱软件有一个很好的, multi-faceted student support program to identify learning differences and support students as needed.

Job requirements include a four-year college degree and advanced degree preferred, Waldorf teacher training or a commitment to complete Waldorf teacher training and Waldorf teaching experience or other relevant experience, 优秀的口头和书面沟通能力, 以及合作精神.

The Green Meadow Waldorf School was founded in 1950 and serves students in parent-child through twelfth grade. Our beautiful school is located on a 140-acre campus that includes a farm, 森林, 流, 和花园. Being part of the Threefold Educational Foundation community allows us to work together with sister organizations such as the Pfeiffer Center for Biodynamics, Fibercraft工作室, Eurythmy学派, 联谊团体, Sunbridge, 奥托语言学校, 的合作社, 等. 十大棋牌赌钱软件的农场幼儿园在杜耶农场, a working biodynamic farm embedded within the multigenerational Fellowship Community.

Green Meadow提供有竞争力的薪水和强大的福利计划, 包括健康保险, 人寿保险, 长期残疾, 长期护理, 403 B养老金, 学费减免, 指导和专业发展机会.

请发一封 GMWS教师职位申请, 意向书, 重新开始, and contact information for three professional references to Sophia Dunn-Fox, at sdunnfox@starecovery.com.


Feel free to reach out and contact us with any questions you may have regarding employment at Green Meadow.